Business Resource

For my business resource proposal, I will be referring to Sustainability is a Continuous Improvement, Not an Endpoint.  This is an article I found on the US Poultry & Egg Association’s website. This article cites Dr. Matty Matlock and his views on agriculture’s and the poultry industry’s steps toward sustainability.  Before offering any solutions, it is noted that  there are changes that need to be made in order to have a more sustainable industry, as opposed to insisting that everything is fine and nothing must change.

The article then goes on to state the possibility of a “Landfill Free” industry, something that is possible according to Michele Boney, an environmental compliance officer. This provides hope for the future of the meat industry. The EPA is passing a law that will vastly expand the jurisdiction the EPA has over land and water rights, helping to ensure cleaner practice within the industry. The reason for this is the bacteria found in the water that comes from the poultry industry.  This bacteria is not indigenous, meaning it is a direct effect of the non-sustainable practices in use.

This reference provides hope that one day regulation can be a part of the poultry and agricultural industries.  These industries directly have an effect on the land they encounter. One season for agriculture, or one lifetime of a coup of chickens can affect the earth more than these industries care to acknowledge.


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