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My white paper topic is focusing on the need for required labeling of GMO products. For my business resource proposal I found that the use of Monsanto’s website was highly effective in helping to see the business view of GMO labeling.

Monsanto is the leader in GMO development and crop production. Having been the source of my Paper 2, I learned a lot about Monsanto’s involvement in GMOs and the agricultural industry as a whole. There is also a lot of information about Monsanto’s involvement in the government and the influence they have over the GMO legislation.

It was no surprise to read Monsanto’s position on GMO labeling which they have stated on their website for consumers to access. Monsanto believes that GMO labeling should not be required as it may give consumers the false notion that GMO products are somehow inferior to their natural counterparts and would discourage consumers from purchasing them. They state that in the absence of any demonstrated risks associated with GMO products that they see labeling as a unjustified warning about a product that has not proven to be harmful. The website also states that they are not opposed to labeling products that are organic or do not contain any modified ingredients so that people are able to make the choice to eat organic products.

Monsanto repeatedly states that they are in favor of the governments current position on GMO labeling, and it is no coincidence that this legislation is largely in favor of the agricultural giants. They state that they support the FDA’s formal statement that there is no scientific justification for special labeling of GMO products. How much of this is Monsanto’s hand in government and their influence over such legislation?

I disagree with Monsanto’s argument that these products have no reason to be labeled. It is a consumer’s right to know what they are purchasing and ingesting. While large multinational businesses such as Monsanto may have control over the current situations it is important that something change.


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