In my white paper I am examining the policies behind pre-employment drug screening. One important policy created by the US Department of Labor is the Drug-Free Workplace Act. The policy requires that some government contractors and all contractors receiving government grants need to ensure that they have drug free work places.

It gives workplaces the right to terminate or suspend anyone who is in possession or who has consumed banned substances. It does not discriminate between home and the workplace or different types of banned substances. While this act only requires government contractors to abide the drug-screening policies, it sets a precedent that all workplaces should have similar policies in place.

The Act does have some good aspects though. It requires that anyone testing positive for a banned substance must be given “any available drug counseling, rehabilitation,
and employee assistance programs;” and “imposing a sanction on, or requiring the satisfactory participation in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program by, any employee who is so convicted.”

I agree with most of the provisions of the Act, but I do think that many of the provisions are too broad and imperfect. As this is an Act taken straight from the US Department of Labor’s page I do not think it is biased. It is law and therefore fact.



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