Government Resource

My government resource is an outline of remarks prepared for the National Commission of Industrial Farm Animal Production Meeting.  These remarks address the fact that CAFO’s are not regulated under Federal Environmental law.  That one statement alone is so important.  If the the government does not view these CAFO’s as a threat to the environment, then we are starting much further back than anticipated.  On the other hand, if they see the threats but believe the CAFO’s should be controlled by the industry, then we are just never going to progress with fixing the issue.

These remarks make fair points in regards to the toxic chemical buildup produced by these huge containment cells (for lack of a better word).  Thousands of pounds of ammonia is produced per-day on a dairy farm.  One singular dairy farm.  Now expand that to hundred of dairy farms and add years of this toxic, dangerous behavior.  These chemicals could be regulated if the animals were treated to better living conditions, and their waste was properly disposed of.

These remarks are incredibly important to the point of my paper, which is that CAFOs need to be regulated. They cannot be left to the hand of the industry, who thinks with their wallets in mind as opposed to the environment.  The uplifting part, however, is that there are people fighting to accomplish just that.


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