Society Proposal

For my white paper I plan to focus on the necessity of transparency and accountability in nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits should be doing things like publishing annual reports and implementing safeguards against fraud.

I became interested in this topic after writing paper 2 about IKEA’s questionable tax structure that seems to be elaborately planned to pay minimal taxes. I think that transparency and accountability are extremely important in all organizations, but they are particularly important within the non-profit sector because first, they deal primarily with donations, second, they reap many benefits that for-profit businesses are not privy to, and third, they are an important part of our society and have a responsibility to those that they serve.

My resource for this section comes from the national council of nonprofits. The NCN seeks to organize nonprofits to create a network and offer resources. One of the specific pages I’d like to use is called “Cultivating a Culture of Transparency and Accountability.” This article identifies which states have adopted standards for excellence and it also identifies examples of good practices.

The NCN resources will provide a good foundation for outlining best practices and additional information and websites. For example, it lead me to a website the focuses specifically on transparency in foundations. I was excited to see this because foundations are what sparked my interest in the subject matter. All together, these will help me develop and support my ideas.

I think this information is reliable because it is a described as a trusted resource. The producer of the information has little to gain for being dishonest and appears to have ethical motivations. It is obviously biased in favor of transparency and the like.




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