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For my white paper I will be writing about the role of privatized prisons as if I were presenting it to PA Governor Elect Tom Wolf.  In paper 2 I wrote extensively about the second largest for profit prison company in the US called GEO Group and chronicled their poor treatment of prisoners and their profits at the expense of quality.  For the white paper I will further investigate the relationship between policy makers and for profit prisons.  One report I found outlines the close ties between US Senator Marco Rubio, the Republican Party and  GEO Group.

The case lead to a possible federal investigation into Florida awarding more than $120 million in contracts through favoritism and indirect bribery.  The article is published by and was conducted between July 2010 and January 2011.  It’s a detailed expose of how GEO Group’s donations of $100,000 to the Florida Republican Party may have paid off in  lucrative contracts for the Florida Department of Corrections to develop the Blackwater Correctional Facility.  The story illustrates how Blackwater CF was budgeted for before it was even approved for construction.

For example on September 13, 2010 the Florida Victory Committee (a PAC for the Republican Party) received $113,500 in donations from several top GEO Group executives.  Also, White Construction Company owners Guy and Neel White made personal contributions of $10,000.  White Construction was later awarded the construction job as a sub contractor for GEO Group for Blackwater CF.  Seems a little fishy to me.   The site that published the article is a self proclaimed muckraker site aimed at exposing injustice and corruption in the federal government.  Overall quality seems average, backed up by cources.  I found it through a Google Scholar search for articles about the relationship between government and private prisons.

While I think that this information will provide solid narrative between the problematic relationship between law makers and for profit prisons, I would like to find an additional source that highlights more cases instead of just one in depth.  That said this article is useful and will help highlight the underlying problems.


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