For my societal source, I read sections of the book The CAFO Reader.  This book is anti-CAFOs and clearly biased.  I found it very insightful.  When you search for CAFO information regarding giant conglomerates such as Tyson and Perdue, most of what you can find is propaganda articles published by doctors they paid to say they are being 100% safe and sustainable in their production.  This book comes from the complete opposite angle.

One section I found incredibly helpful for my paper is called, “Myth: Industrial Food Benefits the Environment and Wildlife.” This one section alone goes into the horrible effects of industrial production of food, even claiming that 50% of the world’s climate change emissions are because of livestock.  If that number is correct, than the world is in greater peril than originally feared.  With an ever increasing world population comes an ever increasing meat population.  The effect of that is self-explanatory.

Another section outlines how industrial meat is not actually healthy meat. Because animals live in such close quarters, often caked in their own feces, they produce harmful bacteria such as E.coli. This has been know to kill humans.  This book is a perfect source for the argument as to why industrial farming such as the use of CAFOs needs to come to an end.


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