White Paper- Government Resource

For my white paper, I intend to focus on the occupation of public spaces by commercial advertisements. This issue is most prevalent in urban centers, such as Times Square in New York City, and along highways.

This paper is tangentially related to my Paper 2 topic, because the “OBEY” campaign was all about Shepard Fairey disparaging how we have become desensitized to visual media in our surroundings because we’re constantly barraged with ads. I’m going to shift focus away from “OBEY” and street art and research the policies associated with outdoor public advertising, analyze how effective they are, and eventually recommend how best to regulate it.

My government source is from the Federal Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration website. It details an overview of the Federal Outdoor Advertising Control Program. It details the Highway Beautification Act of 1965 that imposes certain policies for the installation of roadside advertisements. Along with this, it defines rules for “Scenic Byways,” control areas, land use and police power, zoning, and state vs. federal vs. local jurisdiction. It also discusses policies for nonconforming signs, including their maintenance, acquisition, and removal, and just compensation, among other topics.

This webpage will be helpful because it is both relevant and objective. It presents the policies that must be adhered to if advertising is to be legally installed alongside highways. It sets the standards that restrain the OAAA, from my business source, from having too much liberty. I trust it as a credible source because it came from a government website and is a un-editorialized statement of regulatory policies, coming directly from the organization that sets them.

Source: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/real_estate/oac/oacprog.cfm#HBA68


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