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The United States is the only developed country to not have some type of paid maternity leave. My policy of interest is going to be in this area of paid leave for women and families.

I believe that the Paid Family Leave law, which is implemented in New Jersey, California, Rhode Island, Washington and D.C., should be a national policy across all states. This allows families to take paid time off of work if there is a family illness, childbirth, or an adoption. This will benefit companies in the long run with higher turnover rates, and happier employees. This will also benefit society more, as it encourages better family values and attention to a baby in its first few weeks.

My resource for business is a report from Ernst & Young about their people and determination to create a diverse 21st-centruy workforce. In this article, they highlight some of their important benefits that make their employees stronger workers. EY claims they will make a better working world by stressing inclusiveness, development and engagement. They proceed to highlight their new Maternity and Paternity benefits which consist of paid leave for both parents.

The ideas above support my opinions about paid family leave. EY has a great benefit program in place in the time-off category. Interestingly, they implemented paid time off in 2002, before this was a more common issue. EY released their specific policy, which will allow me to highlight them as a company that is one of the top in regards to their maternity and paternity benefits. I will use this information and its positive impacts to support my idea that paid family leave should be a national policy in addition to companies like EY who chose to include this in their benefits.

This information is very reliable because it comes from EY itself. It is an article published on their website that outlines their benefit program with regard to maternity and paternity benefits. I am confident that this is true information.



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