Government Source

The United States is the only developed country to not have some type of paid maternity leave. My policy of interest is going to be in this area of paid leave for women and families.

I believe that the Paid Family Leave law, which is implemented in New Jersey, California, Rhode Island, Washington and D.C., should be a national policy across all states. This allows families to take paid time off of work if there is a family illness, childbirth, or an adoption. This will benefit companies in the long run with higher turnover rates, and happier employees. This will also benefit society more, as it encourages better family values and attention to a baby in its first few weeks.

The resource I chose for government is from the Employment Development Department of the State of California. IT is a 10-year report of the implementation of Paid Family Leave in California, and it outlines the benefits. This source adds lots of statistics and testimonials from families who are affected by PFL. This source also adds a great overview of PFL in California, and the impact it has had thus far.

The information above relates to my topic because I would like to make the argument that the Paid Family Leave, which California has implemented for 10 years now, should be a national requirement. This report provides me with great information and evidence that the PFL does have positive benefits on society. This source will also help me outline the specifics of the respective laws, which are currently in place since it is very informational.

This is a very reliable source, as it is from the State of California. Since the PFL has been implemented, they have gathered statistics and this report is the accumulation of the past 10 years. I expect there is not very much bias in the report since it is simply for informational purpose. I think the source will still provide a lot of value regardless of a small bias.



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