Society Post

The United States is the only developed country to not have some type of paid maternity leave. My policy of interest is going to be in this area of paid leave for women and families.

I believe that the Paid Family Leave law, which is implemented in New Jersey, California, Rhode Island, Washington and D.C., should be a national policy across all states. This allows families to take paid time off of work if there is a family illness, childbirth, or an adoption. This will benefit companies in the long run with higher turnover rates, and happier employees. This will also benefit society more, as it encourages better family values and attention to a baby in its first few weeks.

The resource I chose for society was a research proposal of California’s Paid Family Leave benefits six years into their program. The report adds to my ideas of implementing PFL across the entire nation. There are lots of highlights in this report that will be useful for my argument. In the report, they highlight key findings for both employers and employees. This will benefit my argument that it universally helps society to have paid family leave.

This research will also add to my argument and provide more evidence to support my claim. It is helpful to have feedback from employers and employees since they will have different results from paid family leave.

This information may not be as reliable as my past two resources. The reason for this is that they conducted research tests here with a sample. The sample size was somewhat random but there is a higher chance that there is a bias in this resource since it is a study conducted by people.



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