White Paper: GMO Labeling

Today, 70% of the food that we find in grocery stores in the United States contains a GMO component (Premanandh 2011). What exactly does this mean for society and our environment? We still do not know for sure, as there have not been sufficient studies done. But consumers should still have the right to choose what they are eating. For those individuals who may be opposed to the consumption of GMO products due to dietary, religious or ethical reasons, they have no way to know whether or not the product they are purchasing contains GMO properties. In this paper I will argue that law in the United States should require the labeling of GMO products.

Currently, the legislation surrounding GMO products and their distribution is vague, lenient, and largely in favor of the biotechnology industry. The FDA and other governing bodies over this process have done nothing to ensure the safety of these products besides deem them “generally recognized as safe” or “substantially equivalent” to their non-GMO counterparts. With the growing industry of genetically engineered crops and foods, the United States government needs to listen to its population’s demands for GMO labeling. In polls taken, over 90% of Americans support mandatory labeling of these products and desire the right to choose. However, no progress has been made in this regard.

In order for our food system to have transparency and for American consumers to have the ability to make informed decisions in their choice of food, legislation needs to be passed on a national level to ensure that the food industry label their GMO products.

White Paper – GMO Labeling


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