White Paper

Every day, millions of Americans go to work fearing that they could lose their jobs because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. In my white paper, I will discuss the importance of LGBT rights and protection in the workplace.

I believe that LGBT supportive policies should be implemented in the workplace as there are multiple important benefits. These policies would provide basic protections against workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity—currently, only twenty-one states and the District of Columbia have passed laws prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, and 18 states and D.C. also prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. Nationwide implementation of these policies would be beneficial to businesses because it improves turnover rate and productivity. Basic employment protection for all LGBT Americans would help to end the culture of silence that effectively prevents organizations where this culture is found from achieving their goals of being fully inclusive workplaces.

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White Paper: The Importance of LGBT Supportive Policies in the Workplace


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